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HIV and AIDS Write Shop at NCCI, Nagpur

1 December 2012

Asian Theological Exploration and Reflection on HIV and AIDS

The CCA has been very active in the field of HIV and AIDS from the time the pandemic made its first appearance in Asia. The efforts of CCA down the years has been the consolidating and strengthening of HIV AIDS awareness building campaigns in Asia, struggling against the judgmental attitudes that aid and abet discrimination and stigma of PLWHA, supporting the calls for accessibility and affordability of medicines and proper health care, advocating for PLWHA rights, and so on. The formation of an ASIAN INTER-FAITH NETWORK FOR AIDS (AINA) was formed out of the efforts of the CCA task force for HIV AIDS a dream that former General Secretary Dr. Prawate Khid-Arn held close to his heart. Today the CCA and the AINA are recognized and acceptable voices in the Ecumenical movements that work for HIV and AIDS. It is generally appreciated for the work it has done to encourage, empower and involve Faith based organizations, churches and members across Asia to involve themselves in the healing ministry in the service of the people living with HIV and AIDS, and in the best traditions that Jesus Christ has taught us to do. We are proud to acknowledge  all those who have been closely involved with our HIV and AIDS Ministry, the efforts that went into the preparation of the Policy guidelines on HIV and AIDS and all the resources published in this regard. May we move on to a better tomorrow and hope to be wake up in a world without HIV and AIDS. 

HIV and AIDS Write-shop at NCC India, Nagpur
22-26 November 2012

World AIDS Day    

Getting to zero:
Zero new HIV infections.
Zero discrimination.
Zero AIDS related deaths
A write-shop on Asian Theological Exploration and Reflection on HIV and AIDS was held at the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) in Nagpur, India from 22-26 November 2012. It was jointly organized by the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) and the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI). 

The aim of this write-shop was to facilitate the churches in South Asia to reflect theologically on the concerns of HIV and AIDS, and to produce materials to be used as a reference for Asian churches in continuously responding to this crucial concern. 22 participants from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka attended the write-shop.

The Policy Guidelines on HIV and AIDS concerns for the Churches in India was adopted in its General Assembly in 2008. Since then, efforts have been made to include the concerns on HIV and AIDS in the curriculum of the Serampore College, which gives theological degrees to almost all Protestant and Orthodox theological colleges in South Asia.  As no text books were available, especially to enhance the teaching of the course in the theological schools, the NCCI in collaboration with the Senate of Serampore College, have initiated a process to produce such materials. The sub-regional and regional needs were met in this collaborative work of CCA and NCCI.

Warm welcome was extended by Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary of NCCI and the inaugural address was delivered by Rev. Dr. Henriette Hutabarat Lebang, General Secretary of CCA. An orientation of the program was shared by Fr. Philip Kuruvilla, General Coordinator, Ecumenical Solidarity for HIV and AIDS (ESHA) Program NCCI, and a brief look at HIV in Asia was presented by Dr. Alphinus Kambodji, CCA Consultant for HIV and AIDS.  Sessions on the Write-shop were facilitated by Ms. Ella Sonawane and Mr. Rajesh William from Indian Society for Promotion of Christian Knowledge (ISPCK). The participants also engaged in listening to the updates on HIV and AIDS concerns in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.  Dr. Roger Gaikwad introduced the curriculum of Serampore College on this particular concern and Dr. Wati Longchar facilitated the participants in discussing the Write-shop structure before they went to group works.

An ecumenical gathering attending by local church leaders and Christian leaders was held in the NCCI lawns organized beautifully by NCCI staff. It was a moment of celebration of the ecumenical life and ministry at local, national, and regional levels. Groups of young people from Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and churches in North East India shared their special gifts in singing and dancing. The peak of this event was sharing of food and opportunities to strengthen friendship and ecumenical relationships.        
Lets keep the promise of a zero AIDS world. 

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‘Because I Care’
‘Asian Theological Reflection on HIV & AIDS’
12-16 June 2012, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

A musical concert named “Concert Plus - Because I care conducted by the CCA and GKJW (East Java Christian Church) in collaboration with the Narwastu Choir, successfully spread the message of the care, concern and commitment of the Church and the Community to the issue of HIV and AIDS.

The Musical Concert at Malang, Indonesia

The concert was held in connection with a CCA seminar-cum-writeshop on the theme ‘Asian Theological Reflection on HIV & AIDS’ that was held at Malang, East Java, Indonesia from 12-16 June 2012. Welcoming the 100 + plus audience, Rev. Dr. Henriette Hutabarat Le Bang, General Secretary CCA, said that it was a wonderful moment to come together at this Concert and at the Seminar-cum-writeshop. It reflected the commitment of the churches and all who were involved to sharing the love of Jesus in the world.  The concert, was made more memorable by a “Candlelight Service” for People Living with HIV and AIDS.

The program sought to develop the concept of an Asian/Indonesian Theological Perspective and Cultural Reflection on HIV & AIDS and it’s interconnectedness with the problems of gender inequalities, persons with different sexual orientation, and the reproductive health of women. The Seminar opened with a special liturgical service led by Rev. Rudy Sewoyo (Chairman of GKJW), involving people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA).  Rev. Ponrsawan from Pattaya, Ms. Merry, and Mr. John from GKJW read the Bible and shared their Theological reflection through their own life-testimony. All the participants were moved and touched by their reflections and the courage they had to share their experiences in order to prevent it from happening to other people.

The Candle light service

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“Building HIV Competent Church”
  Laos, 5-7 June 2012

A seminar on ‘Building HIV Competent Churches’ was held in Laos in collaboration with Lao Evangelical Church (LEC), and supported by Center for HIV and AIDS and STI Service (CHAS) of Laos PDR, from 5-7 June 2012 at Vientiane. 
46 participants (30 female, and 16 male) comprising LEC Pastors and Church workers coming from several Provinces in Laos PDR were happy to attend such a program, as this was the first time that LEC was having a Seminar and Training on HIV and AIDS, and the first time that it interacted with CHAS – Laos PDR. 
The Laos Seminar
The seminar was held to increase the awareness and knowledge of participants regarding HIV and AIDS and to encourage spiritual and theological reflections on the sufferings of the affected people, their dependendents and care givers. It also aimed at encouraging the participants to   have a short term Action Plan regarding the implementation of HIV & AIDS Prevention activities so that they could mainstream HIV/AIDS issues in their respective Churches and communities. The other objective was to help to collaborate and network with CHAS and other Government agencies, as well as other faith based organization and NGOs.
All the participants promised their committment to pass on the information to their congregation members and work for prevention of HIV & AIDS in their respective churches, communities and home town. The positive outcome was that the potential of the Church and other faith based organizations was recognized by CHAS which is the official Government department that deals with AIDS. CHAS also agreed to meet with LEC to develop a proposal on how the Church can be involved in HIV & AIDS Program in collaboration with Laos PDR Government.

Workshop in session

Thanks are due to Rev. Dr. Khampone kounthapanya, Executive President of LEC, who led the Opening Worship and shared Biblical and Theological reflections with the participants everyday.Thanks are also due to Dr. Phengphet Phetvixay from CHAS – Lao PDR, , Rev. Kingphet (LEC), Ms. Sinponn (Salt and Light Organization), and Mr. Kinoy (Chairman of Association of PLWHA, Laos PDR) and Dr. Alphinus R Kambodji (CCA).

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